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by Josh Mackey January 26, 2016 3 min read

When we first launched our #GETSPONSORED campaign back at the end of October, we really didn’t know what to expect. After all, we have been on the receiving end of sponsorships many times, but this would be our first time on the other end of it and our first major push to find Brand Ambassadors that best represent the idea of DailyDriven. With over 1000 submissions, countless sharing and comments we’ve narrowed our search down to a few individuals who best represent what the term “Daily Driven” actually stands for.

Interview by DailyDriven // Photos by Gabriel Milori

Finding the right people to represent your company isn't easy, it's honestly one of the most exhaustive processes because you want to be sure you're making the right decision. Fortunately for us, we've found two great people that we can now call our Brand Ambassadors. Firstly, you might remember Kristianour first selection to represent the brand. We're happy to announce our next Brand Ambassador, Guy Clanton.

Not only has Guy served our country as part of our military, he now helps fellow military members as a Federal Investigator for Veteran Affairs. His approach to life, family and cars is an inspiration and we're proud to have him be a part of our family.

DailyDriven Brand Ambassador Sponsorship Guy Clanton

DD: First, Why don’t you tell everyone who you are and where you’re from!

Guy: Hello everyone, my name is Guy Clanton better known as Beefy (military nickname I earned because of my determination and perseverance during combat times, which has grown on me lol). I live in sunny San Diego where the weather is always awesome, and where dreams can come true if you put your heart and mind in the right direction.

How did you find us?

Living in California, car enthusiasts always talk about their vehicle as “daily driver” or “daily driven.” I was always into show cars and always going to car meets which drove me to understand what “daily driven” means. I researched DailyDriven through the web, and finally understood that it does not only mean driving an automobile but it goes deeper to emphasize the driver and his or her lifestyle.

DailyDriven Brand Ambassador Sponsorship Guy Clanton

What do you for work? Fun?

I have a very busy lifestyle that is so fulfilling that I get to help the people who serve our country. I am a Federal Investigator for the VA , as well as a Command Fitness Leader for the military. For fun, I’m in Team Hybrid and show/build trophy winning cars, as well as a gym buff focused on physical/personal growth.

How do you feel about being one of the first Brand Ambassadors for DailyDriven?

I was ecstatic to be picked out of thousands of applicants. It is truly a blessing to be selected and I am very grateful for this opportunity. DailyDriven says it all, and is what motivates and inspires me to always push forward. 

DailyDriven Brand Ambassador Sponsorship Guy Clanton

What does DailyDriven mean to you?

DailyDriven means to me that not only your car is important, but more importantly is your life and lifestyle. It means to always set goals for yourself and to keep a positive attitude. Success, hard work, education, positive thinking, and the drive to always push forward will always lead you in the right direction.

How does it apply to your life? What are your goals?

My life is DailyDriven. It keeps me focused and striving for the goals I set for myself. My goals for an MBA, has been obtained through DailyDriven attitude. My future goals, is to keep pushing forward to take care of me, my family, and those who are in need of help.

Do you have a favorite DailyDriven product and/or story?

The hoodie, which is by far the most comfortable, softest, and least restrictive clothing I have ever worn. The colors and designs are eye-catching and just phenomenal!!

DailyDriven Brand Ambassador Sponsorship Guy Clanton

What do you currently drive? And what is your dream car? 

I have 2 rides. 2013 Nissan Altima SV and a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST, both are showstoppers in their respective ways with many modifications and built with a whole lot of love. My dream car is the new Maserati Quattroporte GTS Sedan, so clean!

What motivates and inspires you do be DailyDriven?

My family, veterans, and those in need, motivate and inspire me to always work harder so I can give back to our community.

DailyDriven Brand Ambassador Sponsorship Guy Clanton

Tell people where they can find you or anything else you’d like to share!

You can find me on Instagram @beefy1, Facebook under Beefy Forlife or email me at guy.clanton@gmail.com

Interested in being a DailyDriven Brand Ambassador? Click Here.

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