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by Josh Mackey January 01, 2016 4 min read

When we first launched our #GETSPONSORED campaign back at the end of October, we really didn’t know what to expect. After all, we have been on the receiving end of sponsorships many times, but this would be our first time on the other end of it and our first major push to find Brand Ambassadors that best represent the idea of DailyDriven. With over 1000 submissions, countless sharing and comments we’ve narrowed our search down to a few individuals who best represent what the term “Daily Driven” actually stands for.

Interview by DailyDriven // Photos by Troy Huynh & Grant Wakefield

DailyDriven Sponsorship Sponsored Brand Ambassador Kristian Deemer

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what you drive! It could be your moms old Chrysler Voyager or something a bit more modern. Your car doesn’t make you or define who you are or what you will become in life. If your application focused solely on just your car and not why you, the person should be receiving a sponsorship, then you might have missed out on this opportunity.

DailyDriven is very defined in the car community, but when you separate the two words and really look at what it means, it applies to anything and everything from family, to work or sports, cars and anything in between. Our roots are firmly planted in the automotive community, but our own aspirations are much bigger.

DailyDriven Sponsorship Sponsored Brand Ambassador Kristian Deemer

After months of reviewing, re-reviewing, communicating and coordinating, we have finally picked our DailyDriven Brand Ambassadors.

Meet Kristian, our first DailyDriven Sponsored Brand Ambassador.

Kristian applied through our sponsorship page, just like many of you reading this now might have. However, Kristian stood out more than others by providing us some details into her life and dedication to her family. She has a very positive outlook on her future and is determined to work hard to get where she wants to be in life, embodying the very definition of what DailyDriven means.

DD: First, Why don’t you tell everyone who you are and where you’re from!

K: My name is Kristian Deemer and I'm initially from Beckley, West Virginia, a very small town. Currently I reside in Holiday, Florida, which is way out of my realm! However I do love the prosperous place I live in now. It has many opportunities and room for growth. 

DailyDriven Sponsorship Sponsored Brand Ambassador Kristian Deemer

How did you find us?

When I first moved to Florida people kept asking me if my car was daily driven. So out of curiosity I

Googled “daily driven”. After browsing I found the daily driven website and added you on Instagram. I started seeing quotes that kept me focused and driven. I realized the meaning behind the brand wasn't just about driving an automobile daily.

What do you do for work? Fun?

I have my own small business modeling, promotional, fashion, commercial, alternative, web model and print. For fun I mess with my car, spend time with my nieces and play with my two dogs.

DailyDriven Sponsorship Sponsored Brand Ambassador Kristian Deemer

How do you feel about being the first Brand Ambassador for DailyDriven?

At first, I couldn't believe I was chosen. After filling out a sponsorship application I thought I would never be picked but to my surprise I was selected! I was so excited to be involved with a company whose name brand was two of the most important words that's kept me motivated as a person.

What does DailyDriven mean to you?

DailyDriven to me means more than driving my car daily. To me it means DailyDriven to be successful, to accomplish goals, to work hard, take chances, capture opportunities, and most importantly always moving forward!

DailyDriven Sponsorship Sponsored Brand Ambassador Kristian Deemer

How does it apply to your life? What are your goals?

Every time I see the words Daily Driven, the Brand or even hear it, it reminds me of what I stay driven towards and why I keep going everyday. The goals I set for myself are, attending college for a doctorate degree, making sure my nieces have a bright and successful future and providing for myself as well as my family.

Do you have a favorite DailyDriven product and/or story?

My favorite DailyDriven product has to be the DailyDriven Sunglasses. They are my absolute favorite accessory that goes with anything and everything! I literally wear these everyday!

DailyDriven Sponsorship Sponsored Brand Ambassador Kristian Deemer

What do you currently drive? And what is your dream car?

Currently I drive a 2013 Scion FR-S that has pink wheels and a pink stipe down the top and hood for breast cancer awareness for my great grandmother. As far as my dream car, I admire all cars and I love my own. That's a difficult decision but I would have to choose the Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

What motivates and inspires you to be DailyDriven?

Having a single mother and having my two nieces that also have a single mother is my inspiration to move forward and work harder. I strive to be the best I can be and help my friends and loved ones on the way.

DailyDriven Sponsorship Sponsored Brand Ambassador Kristian Deemer

Tell people where they can find you or anything else you’d like to share!

You can check me out on Facebook under Kristian Michelle Deemer, on Instagram @Kristiankillz or email me modelkd@yahoo.com!

Interested in being a DailyDriven Brand Ambassador? Click Here.

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