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    For specific information, please reference one of the pages below

    Returns & Exchanges
    Licensing & Wholesale
    Shipping & Delivery
    Size Charts
    Terms & Conditions


    Can you do custom colors on your products?

    Yes and no. All stickers have a custom color option which has a pre-defined list of available colors. Please follow the directions on each sticker page on how to order. For all other apparel including hats and shirts, we do not offer additional or custom options.


    What is your store policy for returns and exchanges?

    Please read our returns and exchanges policy for more information.


    Can you ship my order to a different address? 

    We only ship to the cardholder's billing address, no exceptions.


    Do you accept orders placed outside of the United States?

    Yes! Although shipping is expensive, we will ship to you! Please see the shipping and delivery page for more information.


    Why isn’t my tracking number working?

    Until your package is either picked up or scanned in by USPS it will not be active and show as incorrect. Rest assured that the tracking number you do receive is valid and will work as soon as its scanned.


    Why does my tracking number seem incorrect?

    The USPS ships a lot of orders every day and recycles old numbers as they become available, sometimes this information will be invalid until its rescanned for your shipment.


    Can you provide me with a shipping quote for the items I’d like to purchase?

    Shipping costs are calculated based on weight of the items purchased and the shipping destination. You will be able to see shipping charges prior to finalizing your order.


    Contact us for any additional shipping questions.


    Why didn't I receive a confirmation email?

    Your confirmation email may have been filtered into your spam/junk folder. Please check both your inbox and spam/junk folder for that message. If you still cannot locate it, please contact us so that we can resend your confirmation.


    Will you be restocking unavailable items from past seasons?

    Some items will be re-ordered pending popularity and availability. Based on the season, some items will not be and when they’re sold out, they’re gone. Contact us if you have a question on a specific item.



    We cannot accept additional sponsorships at this time because we have already allocated our budget for the calendar year.


    How can I get updates about product releases and events?

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